The Kings of Freddies – Mangala Restaurant and Bar

The Kings of Freddies – Mangala Restaurant and Bar

On September  18th The 3 Hungry Men will complete 3 months of food reviewing therefore we would sincerely like to thank all the hungry people out there and of course for their continued support! We have changed a lot in the past 3 months. But we can assure you that our passion for food has remained the same! We like to salute our readers for their continual support and love. We love you too and promise you more and tastier reviews!

For our 10th review we decided to give our readers something special. Yes, that’s right we are talking about the Legends of the Mangalorean cuisine! “Mangala Restaurant and bar” located at Valencia.

We were craving for some authentic Mangalorean food! And the only response we heard from people was… “You guys should go to Mangala, Their food is AWESOME” so we headed there to see or rather to taste for ourselves!

The entrance was pretty shady, so we were slightly depressed about that but the welcoming scent from the kitchen besides the entrance made us forget about it! And we headed in!

We saw some of the real deal Mangalorean specialties. And we were hungry too! Coincidence? We think not! As we browsed through the menu, we saw a tempting  Rs. 100/- cocktail menu. So we ask the bartender for the best 3! Pat came the best 3! Mango Mojito which is a spicy drink and well prepared followed by the cranberry special which was another good mix..followed by the drink which won our hearts.. The long Island Ice Tea. This cocktail was made to perfection. It was so well prepared and the taste so was authentic and smooth that we challenge a better replica of this! All this prepared by a bartender trained in the art of making cocktails from Goa.

Arrol D'Mello > Cocktail maestro with his creations

Prawn Ghee Roast

Squid Tava Masala

Veg Biryani

Chicken Freddie

All that drinking had made us hungry! So we choose to eat the Paneer Mushroom Chilly, Squid Tava Masala and Prawns Ghee roast! Along with some sannas and appams for a kick start!

These dishes had floored us! The paneer and mushroom was so well spiced, the squid unusually were awesomely soft and not rubbery! And the prawns big and juicy just as we love it! It was the prefect Mangalorean food we were looking for! This is the life, we say!

Despite the decent quantity the starters had vanished in a jiffy! Then it was time for some main course our tummies said! So we went for some varied biryanis one of each we demanded! i.e fish, chicken and veg. now we r pretty selective about our biryani! These biryanis had their own unique incomparable taste to them! There was an awesome touch of Mangalorean masala to it! This surprise was worth the wait!

Our tummies were full but our hearts were not full! So this time we decided to listen to our hearts! And we were sitting right in front of a poster that read “FREDDIE” now I’m sure some mouths are watering as we said that word!

Since none of us were willing to share we ordered a chicken, fish and veggie FREDDIE each!

Now some of u might be wondering what a “Freddie” is! Sorry we are not going to tell you as we want you to taste this godly creation YOURSELF! (but we will give you a picture to drool over!)

This was by far the awesomest dish we had that day! This one made a tattoo in our heart! Never did we eat something so nice in between a bun! Which is why The 3 Hungry Men like to call it a FINGER LINKIN’ FREDDIE (its so good that once u finish eating you can’t break the link made by your fingers, you just want more of it in your fingers!)

STRICT WARNING: Don’t leave Mangala unless you’ve tried a FREDDIE!

We had no place for desert so we were forced to leave!
Personally, we never believed in first impressions! Today was proof! We entered slightly disappointed but we left on cloud 9.

A week later someone from London asked us where he could get some authentic Mangalorean food when he came to Mangalore? The reply from us was ““You should go to Mangala, Their food is AWESOME!”

The 3 Hungry Men rate the Legends Mangala like this:
Ambience: 6/10
Value For Money: 7/10
Food: 10/10
Hygiene: 8.5/10
Service 8/10
Location: 7/ 10
Overall 7.5/10

Andhra House

Andhra House – specialties  in Andhra style cuisines 

Customer Review by Mallesh Pai

Address : Bejai Church Road, Bejai,Near K.S.R.T.C Bus Stand
Mangalore, K.S.R.T.C Bus Stand
Pincode: 575004

Andhra House a restaurant specialized in Andhra Style Cuisines was actually a total waste of money tonight !

When it comes to Andhra Cuisines am a die hard fan of the typical Andhra style Chicken  65 or may it be their Biryani.

It was an easy task for me to say weather it was actually the perfect Andhra cuisine or not due to my past experiences in Hyderabad as a foodie.

The first disappointing part of this restaurant is the location , which is very just located near the Major Drains at Bejai

Secondly it was under ground and Thirdly highly non recommended for Family as this place would be really uncomfortable for decent crowd or even families to Dine in.

After noting down the major 3  negative points. Finally ask for a Menu card which came in after 15 minutes of waiting followed by a loud shout at the waiter.

The Menu card was simple no much items just Shows Andhra Style Chicken Fry, Andhra Style 65,  Biryani and their Veg Meals !

As a trail round the risky job was to order the food and taste it after those 3 bad points about this place and I go for a Chicken biryani and Chicken 65.

Andhra Style Chicken Biryani was not that impressive I have had better Biryani’s , sadly it was served cold . On asking the waiter to heat up the Biryani I can an answer saying ” we prepare it hot sir , but we don’t have a hot case to store it ” .

Then comes the Chicken 65 where the  chicken was little sticky and not that tasty as expected.

Well i had no more plans of experimenting so had to finish my meal for the day asking for the bill.

Chicken Biryani Costs Rs 100 ( not worth / less quantity )

Chicken 65 Half Costs Rs 60 ( 5 pieces )

Highly recommend people to Ask for home delivery or use the Take Away service , than being uncomfortable because of the ambiance/ location.

My ratings for Andhra house

Ambience: 2/10
Food: 6.5/10
Service: 6/10
Value for money: 5/10
Location: 0/10

Hideout – Exclusive place to chill out

Hideout – Exclusive place to chill out

Most of us under the impression that Hookah A.K.A Sheesha and hubblybuubly is a creation of the Arabs. But the The 3 Hungry Men like to correct those who think so! it was in India where the Persian physician Hakim Abu Gilani, at the court of the Mughal emperor Akbar invented the idea. Ever since then it spread world over and is very famous in The Middle East and India. The non availibilty of sheesha in Mangalore had sent us to Manipal where there are ample numbers of hookah lounges!

As soon as we entered Manipal the 1st sheesha lounge we noticed was HIDEOUT! So we decided to give this lounge a shot!

We entered to find a billiards table at the entrance but the promising aroma of the hookah flavours had led us inside! And as soon as we stepped into the main area we were captivated by the romantic and ultra modern ambiance!

The seating was done in the local Arabic way as in there were diwans for customers to sit down! And we noticed people from different walks of life enjoying their food and sheeshas!

As we down further to the left we saw private cabins in which one can smoke hookah, watch tv, play Xbox or just chill, these enclosures just cost 60 Rupees an hour!

So we sat down and ordered for the 2 of their best sheeshas and for some good accompaniments! The first came the Honey and Lime Hookah which was excellent! Prepared very well with just the right amount of flavor and the lemony zest was heavenly!

After that we decided to have a bite. We were served with a western sizzler which was chicken in different western sauces made to perfection and the next was the crispy chicken which is LITERALLY crispy! And we drowned all that with an Oreo shake which was slightly sweeter than usual but nonetheless hearty!

Then next came the bomb! A heavenly sheesha mixed with 5 different flavors! i.e of mint, lime, orange, apple and peach! Surprisingly we were getting all these flavours at different intervals of time!

The sheesha too are decently priced at 200-300rs! And are ofcourse well made!

But the ambience is to die for! All the youngsters should make it point to check out HIDE OUT!

The 3 hungry men rate hideout as follows!

Ambience: 10/10
Food: 6.5/10
Service: 7.5/10
Value for money: 7.5/10
Location: 8/10

Chefs – Masters of Fusion food in Mangalore

Chefs – Masters of Fusion food in Mangalore

Ever fancied having an Italian pizza with a butter Chicken topping? Or an American Burger with a Chutney Base? Confused? Welcome to the World of FUSION FOOD!

Basically said to have started in the 1970’s by Wolfgang Puck who spearheaded the worldwide movement that is fusion cuisine, by blending European and Asian cuisines.

In Mangalore it is said to have been started by Vijay and Eugene the proud owners of “Chefs”! We heard a lot from people that these guys were unmatched when it came to fusion food so we had to put them to the test!

The 3 hungry Men headed to the Mannagudda branch of Chefs known for their fusion as well as Thai specialties. We were welcomed by a pure white setup which was superbly done and gives you a pleasing ambience to dine in. Plus, their choice of music is those polite instrumental songs which is relaxing to listen to! A perfect place to dine we thought so!

As usual we were DYING OF HUNGER and it could be seen on our face, so we ordered for the 1st Thai item that was the Thai herb soup! This is any Thai lover’s dream soup!

Thai Herb Soup
Chilli Chicken Footlong > Crispy Chicken Burger > Tandoori hotdog!
Spicy Chicken Lasagne
Mocktails > Vietnamese Sizzler
Mixed grill sizzler > Sizzling Brownie
Chargrilled sizzler
Vietnamese Sizzler
Rasgulla sizzler

Next up we wanted some fusion so we ordered the Chilli Chicken Footlong, Crispy Chicken Burger and Tandoori hotdog! We were extremely shocked with the unique fillings! But as we started biting away…. The sandwiches just disappeared into our tummies and we were still hungry for more fusion!

So the next fusion surprise was the Spicy Chicken Lasagne! This Italian dish is always known for its unique taste, but never had we tasted the same with spicy chicken! This dish is another awesome creation by CHEFS and we can swear by it! We even saw foreigners on the next table who ordered the same dish and they were all praise for this creation!

We never say never to mocktails, so we ordered for the Ice tea and Mojitos. These were some of the best drinks we ever tasted.

Next we had to try the sizzlers from the people who introduced sizzlers into Mangalore!

We had a mixed grill sizzler which is a mixture of chicken breast, lamb, seafood and various veggies tossed in different sauces! Then the Chargrilled sizzler and the Vietnamese Sizzler which is a limited edition specialty. The former had chicken breasts in various sauces served on a bed of mashed potatoes! And the latter was slightly spicy and served chicken, lamb and chicken and prawn satay on SUGARCANE SKEWERS! And yes u can eat the sugarcane skewer too (not kidding!)

We were in complete bliss after these never before seen sizzlers! So to recover we needed some desert!

We ordered the Quintessential Sizzling Brownie which was really awesome as usual! Next came the real surprise.. the Rasgulla sizzler and the Rasmalai sizzler! Both which were served on a bed of chocolate brownie and poured with chocolate sauce! This is what we called True Fusion.

This was more than enough for The 3 Hungry Men to rightly certify Chefs as “THE KINGS OF FUSION!”

Try them if you love changes in your life! And we are certain that you will not be disappointed!

They are located at four places in Mangalore. At Kadri, Mannagudda, Attavar and Deralakatte. Chefs is also known for their food festivals like the Oriental and Sizzler fests. If you are a fan of original Italian food or Italian food with a tinge of Asian food, the Italian food festival is presently running till the 11th of September.

Chefs get the following ratings from us!

Ambience: 9.5/10
Food: 10/10
Service: 9/10
Value for money: 8.5/10
Location: 10/10

CLICK HERE to see the existing Offer at CHEFS and also CHECK THE MENU CARD and know more about CHEFS 

The Valley of Chinese Food – China Valley, Manipal

The Valley of Chinese Food – China Valley, Manipal

This week, The 3 Hungry Men had an uncontrollable urge for some authentic Chinese, tired of the local Chinese places in Mangalore, so they rode to Manipal again! After asking around we located the FIRST place to serve authentic Chinese in Manipal. Yes, most of you might have guessed it right! We are talking about CHINA VALLEY who were the first who dared to come into the Chinese scene about 5 years back.

We were welcomed by a very warm semi oriental ambience with a slight drizzle! This was the perfect atmosphere for Chinese we thought! So did the weather prove to be as good as the food? Read on…

For a quick starter we ordered the quintessential MOMO’s. A famous Tibetian and Chinese dish a.k.a dumplings! To our surprise they came in just 10 mins. And boy they gave us the kick we needed to start our stomachs!

Next up were the 2 most famous starters of China valley that is the Chicken Hot Pan which is served sizzling hot just like how a sizzler is served and tasted heavenly, it was perfectly spiced too. And the Chicken Saiwoo is a perfect combo of hot and sweet (FYI these are the custom creations of China Valley).

The starters were washed down by a unique drink know as the Dark Fantasy shake which is very similar to the popular Oreo shake. We strongly recommend you to try this too!

Time for main course! We were already pretty full by the enormous quantity of the starters!

We ordered the Shangai Rice, The Chicken Yaming Noodles and the Wolly Chicken gravy! This was the perfect main course we were looking for the rice well spiced, the noodles well cooked and the wholly chicken perfectly made in an awesome soya sauce based gravy!

And the desert which clean bowled our stomachs was the Fried Ice cream which is a desert lover’s dream come true!

As an addition, China valley also serves a few varieties of Indian food on every Tuesdays in order not to disappoint the Indian food lovers.

In the evenings one has the option to sit out in their garden too and at the same time enjoy different flavoured Sheeshas (Hookah) while waiting for their food, we recommend the Milk based and Rum based Sheesha that will relax you for sure after a day of hard work!

But we tell you from the heart next time you’re in Manipal and want Chinese head straight to China Valley, Authenticity GUARANTEED! China Valley is located at the end of the Manipal End point road. It is right next to the road and is easily spotted with its Chinese tress and garden outside the hotel. The name ‘China Valley’ however is derived by the location of the hotel. It is located on a hill (near Manipal End point) and overlooks a beautiful valley of green and river.

So The 3 Hungry Men rate China Valley as Follows.

Ambience:  7/10
Food: 8/10
Hygiene: 8.5/10
Service 9/10
Location: 8.5/ 10
Overall : 7.5/10

Attill – A Unique Dining Experience!

Attill – A Unique Dining Experience!

After we were done with Teaze we felt terribly hungry! And knowing the 3 hungry men well by now u can say that we would ignore the signs of a possible Heart attack but never ignore hunger pangs! It was nearing 12 and we needed a heavy dosage of some yummilicious lunch. A small flashback gave us a memory of seeing a new place open up just as we entered Manipal so we had to check it out as it looked very unique from the outside! So then Attill was given the mammoth task of satisfying our hunger. We walked in and it was love at first sight. Incredible ambience, cosmopolitan crowd and basically the best first impression ever! They also have a unique seating set up which includes a separate lounge area if you just wanna sit back with your friends relax and watch the cricket match! With some good food! Shocking news readers!! This was an unofficial branch of Mahesh Lunch Home (by far the best sea food eatery in Mumbai). So you can count on them for quality. The name ‘Attill’ owes its etymology to Tulu language which means ‘To cook’. As per the name, Attill specializes in most varieties of fish from Seer fish to Lady fish, Pomfrets to Snappers, crabs to shrimps. The mutton used is brought in from Shimoga. The food in Attill is cooked without adding any food colouring agents of any sort. Lucky us, we got a tour through the kitchen to see how the exquisite dishes were prepared. Hands down, EVERY hungry man’s dream come true! Icing on the cake, it was super organised and extremely hygienic and spotless!

We Kick started our digestive journey with their authentic Hyderabadi Biryani which was made over a dedicated kitchen with firewood flame by a Hyderabadi Chef thereby contributing to the true taste of the DumBiryani! Next we ventured into their fresh fish collection. We swear on the fish, it was pretty darn huge motley of Gigantic fish brought in from Mumbai in their freezer. Their off season fish can easily overpower any normal restaurants in season fish.

We couldn’t take it anymore! We had to eat now!! But after seeing the kitchen we were kind of convinced that patience pays. Our Mocktails were waiting at our table, The Pink Lady and the Fruit Punch are must have mocktails at Attill!

First up was the Dragon Chicken which was a fast selling starter amongst students because of the quantity and price! And let us tell you this was some amazing Chinese stuff! Rightly spiced and the onions and capsicums were tasty too resulting in a spotless plate. Next up was A FULL WHITE SNAPPER TANDOORI! This fish was heavenly, never had we ever tasted such a properly made tandoori fish, marinated to perfection and eaten to our delight!

Then was By far the best Tiger Prawns we’ve ever eaten in our life! The Attill Special ladies and gentleman! Carefully made with a butter garlic coating. We fell in love with this dish! This is a must have at Attill, u will thank us! We needed some more prawns and fast! The next quickest available prawns was The Prawns Ghee Roast. This was the best ghee roast we’ve ever had in Manipal!

We never say no to food dear readers! So for the main course we were presented with 2 authentic Mangalorean Delicacies! First up was the Chicken gassi which is a typical curry made in coconut gravy! With Neerdosa! This dish was excellently made, and reminded us of the authentic Mangalorean cuisine.

Followed by the king of chicken! THE NATE KORI (a.k.akatta da kori.) This meat is from the losing Cock of the common Cock Fight which takes place in nearby villages!) this is their Sunday special and is heavenly!

The best is usually saved for last is what we believe in! Agreeing to our belief came THE MUTTON AND CHICKEN DUM BIRYANI! This was the real stuff! No one makes it like them we challenge you! The last time we’ve had such good biryani was in Hyderabad. You have to eat this Biryani by hook or crook if you come here!

We had no more place so we just ate a light desert of Gulab Jamuns and Gajar Halwa which again was perfectly made! To sum up things, we had a wholesome and memorable experience which were evident on our faces and our stomachs as we walked out of Attill!

We sincerely advice you to try this place because we’re sure that you will have the same satisfaction we had when you leave and you won’t stop coming back! Come a little early to avoid waiting especially on weekends as the place gets packed quickly! Overall, WE LOVE ATTILL!!!

So the ratings by The 3 Hungry Men are as follows!
Ambience: 9.5/10
Food: 10/10
Service: 9/10
Value for money: 8/10
Location: 8.5/10

Teaze Your Senses!

Teaze Your Senses!

After a major eating spree, The 3 hungry men were Thirsty. Come weekend come fun. This time we decided to ride to Manipal for some weekend fun. After battling the unpredictable roads and intolerable traffic, we stumbled upon “Teaze” at End Point road, Manipal. We were fascinated by this new shop so we decided to put them to the test.
As we entered we were greeted by Mr. Suneeth Kishan. As we glanced at the menu we were in complete shock. We couldn’t believe our eyes, THEY SERVED BUBBLE TEA!!! Never had we seen this in India. We had only heard about it from Malaysia and Singapore.

Then, Suneeth explained to us that when he was in Australia he was fascinated by the concept and taste of bubble tea so much that he decided to bring it back to his home town in Manipal! And yes they are the 1st people in India to start

 Bubble tea’s
Now the question to be answered was how good is it in India? Did Teaze manage to preserve the same taste they had abroad? Suneeth swiftly answered that he makes it better in India than anywhere else in the WORLD! Without further ado he ordered the 3 of his best drinks!

The first was Chocolate flavor with a milk tea base and tapioca bubble balls. This drink was a really different combination since none of us have ever had cold chocolate TEA! This was a nice one for all the milk tea lovers.

Next came the Kiwi flavor With a Green Tea base and Yogurt balls which just explodes in your mouth! We never imagined something with green tea was so tasty and healthy at the same time. This was truly another memorable drink. The kiwi flavour was so great it felt like we were eating a kiwi! And also a must for all the health freaks!

The 3rd and the finishing drink was the passion fruit with an Ice blended base with Mango pulp filled balls, This one gave us an immediate Brain Freeze! And before we realized we were lost in its taste. This was surely a drink all should try. Slow and smooth wins the race we say!

The people who drink these teas are not only students but also families who come down to Manipal and go to end point to spend their weekend evening there. Suneeth said Teaze was opened in Manipal in November 2010 and from then on thirsty students went crazy over these drinks as they are affordable and at the same time, one of a kind.

Then we were convinced that yes a drink can be so tasty.

Now we are asked to guess the price of the drinks! We all quoted rates from 80 right to up to Rupees 150. But to our shock, The small, medium and large sizes cost only 30, 40 and 50 Rupees respectively. Just the sound of it and we were floored!! Since then we made It a point to make it a point to visit Teaze whenever we felt thirsty.

Teaze also has a Branch is City Centre Mall in Mangalore. And soon, even Bangalore and Mysore will see their branches. Teaze also accepts Franchisee’s.

So all the hungry people out there we The 3 Hungry Men sincerely request you to head down to Teaze Not only because it will give your taste buds a new experience but also since its Easy on your pockets and great on taste!

The ratings by The 3 Hungry Men are as follows:

Ambience: 9/10
Taste: 10/10
Value for money: 10/10
Location: 10/10


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